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Activities 1 and 2 – Construction of Igoumenitsa Freight Village (IFV) and construction of road link between IFV and Egnatia-Odos highway: Activities 1 and 2 focus on the implementation of the bipolar “Igoumenitsa Freight Village-IFV” in the regional unit of Thesprotia in NW Greece and the upgrading of the respective road connection.
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Activities 3 and 4 – Studies for the upgrading of railway infrastructure, Technical design and environmental studies for the new RO/PAX terminal of the port of Ancona: the Activities includes the realization of intermediate and final design for the extension of the railway tracks inside the port area and a study for the optimization of railway flow management in the port area (Activity 3) and the implementation of the technical designs of the new Ro-Pax terminal and the related environmental studies for building the terminal (Activity 4).
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Activity 5 – Functional and technical restructuring of Pier VI in the Port of Trieste: Activity 5 focuses on the restructuring of the multipurpose and intermodal Pier VI in order to double the existing mooring and operate safely the increased maritime traffic.
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Activity 6 - Integration of the maritime link in the BAC and MED TEN-T Corridors in the dryport of Fernetti: Activity 6 regards the works required for the improvement of the railways infrastructure of the Freight Village. More specifically, the activities consist of the electrification of the rail yard, the construction of a new building facility and the new e-gateway for port-rail-road traffic.


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